Diagnostics Empowered with AI

Dermalyser is a diagnostic decision support system empowered with advanced artificial intelligence. The primary function is to classify skin cancer such as malignant melanoma using image analysis combined with deep learning.

The artificial intelligence is developed and trained based on quality-controlled dermatoscopic images of patients’ skin lesions together with associated patient data.

AUC Performance of Dermalyser

In our first clinical trial, our AI achieved an AUC score of 0.96 which significantly outperforms Expert Dermatologists and General Practitioners.

  • Dermalyser


  • Expert dermatologist


  • General practitioner


Advantages of using Dermalyser

  • Fewer Melanomas Missed And Increased Performance

    We have a carefully curated database comprising over 100,000 images of fully labelled skin lesions that have been used to train our proprietary AI.

  • Reduced Number of Unnecessary Skin Excisions

    Supports reduction of unnecessary skin excisions thereby improving healthcare economics across multiple levels.

  • Easy And Convenient

    AI empowered image analysis software enables easy analysis of a patient’s skin lesion on any mobile phone.

  • Dermalyser app on a mobile device


    1. Download the App

    Easily download the Dermalyser app on to any mobile device. The app works on both Android and iOS.

  • Dermascope being used to take a picture of a skin lesion


    2. Take a Picture

    Using a dermascope which can be easily attached to the device camera, take a picture of the suspect skin lesion.

  • Results being displayed on the app


    3. Receive Results

    The image is analysed using our proprietary AI software and reports back the malignancy risk in real time.

Instructions for use

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You can download the full list of instructions on how to use Dermalyser in English and Swedish below.